Just create.
My only goal for this year is stated above.
I've used "just create" as a boost the last couple years, but I've pretty much made it my life motto. So, of course, it will once against be a focus of mine in 2020.
The last few years, I've focused on snail mail and art as a combo. I plan to keep doing that, but I also plan to set aside the anxieties that go along with responding to mail in a timely manner. In 2019, I let it stress me a little, and I found I was pushing it off each letter more and more. So, this year, I plan to take my time ... sit back, breathe and just create.
If you sign up for snail mail, I can't promise you'll get a letter and piece of art in the mail within a month or two ... you know, in reality, it may take me six to nine months.
I hope this doesn't discourage you in signing up for mail, because I truly enjoy connecting with people from all over the world. I've met some of the best people and made friends with a few fellow mail-loving nerds ... one of which I actually get to meet this year.
Please follow along. You can do that in two ways:
  • Sign up to receive snail mail and art. For each request, I send out a letter and a piece of art. Due to the art part, you'll need to be patient as it sometimes takes time to create.
  • Maybe you'd just like to sit back and watch it all happen. In that case, join me on Instagram.
Tallies: 2017-18 2019 2020
Letters 66 21 0
Mail Art 67 18 0
Gallery Pieces 29 18 0
Series Pieces 20 20 0
Postcards 24 31 0
Other 59 26 0

The map below gives you a glimpse of where my snail mail has landed.
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