Just create.
My goal in 2018 was to at least double every category shown to the right. As you can see, I met or surpassed my goal in all except postcards. Hopefully in 2019 I can remember that spontaneous postcards are sometimes the best thing to get in the mail and, therefore, send out more. I'm actually surprised by the amount of art I created in 2018. That's all thanks to snail mail and the encouragement I've received through those I've met around the world. I've become reaquainted with my love for art and sharing it with others.
Every bundle I sent in 2018 included a letter and some form of art such as a 5" x 7" painting/drawing, homemade letter tags and bookmarks, or even a recipe card. I'm hoping this year to include new ideas ... homemade stamps, anyone?
Not all of the art I created was sent out through snail mail though.
In 2015, I started my "Surviving" series in which its third piece is coming along slowly. In the meantime, I've created two new series in 2018 — "A Wash of Black" and "From the Sketchbook." These series weren't planned at the beginning of the year, but they've become some of my favorite pieces in 2018. I'm hoping to add to them this year, too.
I'm still trying to create something daily, but I've found that letting myself take breaks every so often is best for my sanity.

I'm excited to see the pieces I create in 2019. I hope you follow along.
A few numbers for you: 2017 2018 2019
Letters 22 44 16
Mail Art 22 45 14
Gallery Pieces 5 24 1
Series Pieces 2 18 3
Postcards 13 11 30

The map below gives you a glimpse of where my snail mail has landed.
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