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# I geek, therefore I am.
My name is Matthew Pearon, and I am a geek. This is where I'll give a rundown of who I am.
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# Automate all the things.
I am a Network Services Technician employed by Central Technology Services (CTS).
CTS acts as an internal Managed Service Provider for Central Bancompany, which is a holding-company encompassing 13 regional charter banks and several subsidiaries in 160+ locations across the United States.
In my role as a Network Services Technician, I support mission-critical network infrastructure such as Active Directory, Exchange, AD FS, SCCM, Symantec Enpoint Protection (SEP/SEPM) Antivirus/Firewall, and Symantec Enhanced Detection and Response (SEDR/SATP). The role is constantly growing to include exciting new technologies.
I am currently pursing an MCSE Certification in Productivity. If you would like to view my resume, click here.
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# Fun.
I love to geek. It's what I do best, but I do have other hobbies. I'll talk a bit about them here.
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