Surviving New York: Day Ten

Day Ten is in the books, and this is Valeri, writing to you as I sit in the passenger seat of the car on the drive home. We made sure to pack last night so all we had to do this morning was gather our toiletries and chargers before heading to breakfast.Coffee and breakfast was

Surviving New York: Day Nine

Hello, reader! Matthew here! Welcome to our last full day in New York. I’ll guide you through what we did today. The Day’s Events Our coffee today was provided by the baristas at Black Press Coffee. This wasn’t our planned stop, but due to potential timing issues, we decided to abandon our originally planned coffee

Surviving New York: Day Six

Valeri here to tell you all about today. First stopCan you guess what our first stop was this morning?If you guessed coffee, thank you for recognizing that as our brand, but actually it was not our first stop. *GASP*We actually stopped at a Bond location from “Live and Let Die.” It took us a bit

Surviving New York: Day Five

Matthew here, checking in on the fifth day of our visit to The Big Apple!I’ll fill you in on what we’ve been up to as best I can. The Day’s Events Getting StartedTo kick the day off, we headed toward our scheduled coffee stop — Everyman Espresso — and everything was going great … until

Surviving New York: Day Four

This is Valeri, reporting in to tell you that Day Four was a success despite the rain and wind today had to offer. Coffee, coffee, coffeeOur morning began with a train ride to Plowshares Coffee. We’re definitely at the point in the trip where our bodies are reminding us that we’re not invincible, so we’re

Surviving New York: Day Three

Hello, reader — Matthew here! It’s my turn to guide you through our day, so hang with me for a bit, and I promise I’ll do my best! I’m writing to you while sitting perched a very large rock in the middle of Central Park while nibbling on some honey roasted almonds that I purchased

Surviving New York: Day One

Well, hello there! There are only a couple of ways you would have landed on this page: You’ve been following our latest blog posts, awaiting every post with bated breath, just dying to know what hijinks those crazy Pearons are up to now. If this is the case, thank you for following along — hopefully