Surviving Boston: Day Six

Hello everyone! Matthew here, checking for the last time in Boston.I’ll warn you, this will be an odd entry — and likely a short one — because we’ll be traveling again! We’re about to start the second portion of our trip: New York 2021. Now, I’ll get down to the specifics of the trip. The

Surviving Boston: Day Five

Hello again, Valeri here and I’ll be telling you about our adventures today. First stop!You guessed it: Coffee!We had planned to go to George Howell Coffee, but found out the only way to get out there was via a commuter train … which would’ve meant buying tickets rather than just using our metro cards. So

Surviving Boston: Day Four

Good morning! This is Matthew, and I’ll be your tour guide today. I’m going to try to write this entry as we go along today versus trying to remember every detail tonight. We might sacrifice a bit of coherence this way, but hopefully the addition of in-the-moment details counters that. The Day’s Events Coffee, of

Surviving Boston: Day Three

Hello, this is Valeri again, and I’ll be leading you through our third day in Boston. I know most of you miss Matthew, but just bear with me, and we’ll both get through this … then you can experience another Matthew post tomorrow. My day began with a sketching session at 6 a.m. for Inktober.

Surviving Boston: Day Two

Matthew here, checking in from Boston!I’m writing this segment of the blog from the back room of Caffe Vittoria whilst sipping a cortado and nibbling phenomenally delicate tiramisu. All the while, I’m being serenaded by Frank Sinatra and listening to the chatter of the city echoing through the cafe. Let me tell you — it’s

Surviving Boston: Day One

The Pearons are off on another adventure! This time, we’ve headed North East to the home of baked beans, Fenway Park and that bar where everyone knows your name. Yes, we’re braving the wilds of Boston!If you’ve followed along with our previous blogs, you’ll know how this works: We take turns chronicling the day’s events