Surviving New York: Day Ten

Day Ten is in the books, and this is Valeri, writing to you as I sit in the passenger seat of the car on the drive home. We made sure to pack last night so all we had to do this morning was gather our toiletries and chargers before heading to breakfast.Coffee and breakfast was

Surviving New York: Day Six

Valeri here to tell you all about today. First stopCan you guess what our first stop was this morning?If you guessed coffee, thank you for recognizing that as our brand, but actually it was not our first stop. *GASP*We actually stopped at a Bond location from “Live and Let Die.” It took us a bit

Surviving New York: Day Four

This is Valeri, reporting in to tell you that Day Four was a success despite the rain and wind today had to offer. Coffee, coffee, coffeeOur morning began with a train ride to Plowshares Coffee. We’re definitely at the point in the trip where our bodies are reminding us that we’re not invincible, so we’re

Surviving Boston: Day Five

Hello again, Valeri here and I’ll be telling you about our adventures today. First stop!You guessed it: Coffee!We had planned to go to George Howell Coffee, but found out the only way to get out there was via a commuter train … which would’ve meant buying tickets rather than just using our metro cards. So

Surviving Boston: Day Three

Hello, this is Valeri again, and I’ll be leading you through our third day in Boston. I know most of you miss Matthew, but just bear with me, and we’ll both get through this … then you can experience another Matthew post tomorrow. My day began with a sketching session at 6 a.m. for Inktober.

Surviving Austin: Day Four

Valeri here … Something I always seem to forget is how late we tend to stay up when hanging out with Ricky. We’ve been known to part ways at 1 a.m. … especially when Matthew and Ricky are in the middle of their “geek time.”This time, it wasn’t quite that late, but it was after

Surviving Austin: Day Two

I, Valeri Pearon, have a problem …I’m the person who will make you wake up at 6 a.m. for a sunrise, and I’m not sorry about it. I woke us up super early this morning to grab coffee and make it to Mount Bonnell for the sunrise. As the highest point in Austin, it is

Surviving Indianapolis: Day One

Hello again, everyone! This is Val, writing from Indy. I’m not sure exactly how I did it without any push back, but I got Matthew to take another road trip. I do think mentioning a metro area with more than 2.4 million people helped a little. It’s a somewhat small roadtrip in comparison to our

Surviving Chicago: Day Eight

Val here. Bear with me as I try to knock out this second to last post of Chicago. 9:30 a.m. • Arbor We were a little confused when we first walked into this building because the coffee shop isn’t the only thing there. It looked to be the lobby to an apartment building at first,

Surviving Chicago: Day Six

9:15 a.m. • Osmium So I was pretty sure this place was called Osmium (as it says online and it’s also printed on their window), but their sign out front and their cups say Dark Matter Coffee. * Note: Matthew just told me it’s Dark Matter Coffee presents Osmium. That’s not confusing at all. Other

Surviving Chicago: Day Four

Hello, friends!This is Val … let’s talk about today. 8:30 a.m.• Cafe UmbriaThis place is in walking distance from our Airbnb, which was nice. It looks like they built their idea around shipping crates, with a slightly modern touch.It’s also a roaster, so Matthew was first drawn to the huge roaster in the other room.

Surviving Chicago: Day Two

Hello all, this is Val. I’ve decided to take a little different approach for my posts this trip … mainly to avoid the hassle that is transitions. I don’t like to think that hard this late at night. My posts will be written as they’re happening. Hopefully this helps me remember what I enjoyed about

Surviving New Orleans: Day Four

22,965 steps … Surprisingly only my feet hurt. During past vacations, Matthew and I have found which parts of our bodies are most likely to give out first (Matthew’s hip and my right knee). I guess our bodies are giving us a break this trip. Okay, on to the day’s events. This is Val and