Surviving New York: Day Nine

Hello, reader! Matthew here! Welcome to our last full day in New York. I’ll guide you through what we did today. The Day’s Events Our coffee today was provided by the baristas at Black Press Coffee. This wasn’t our planned stop, but due to potential timing issues, we decided to abandon our originally planned coffee

Surviving New York: Day Five

Matthew here, checking in on the fifth day of our visit to The Big Apple!I’ll fill you in on what we’ve been up to as best I can. The Day’s Events Getting StartedTo kick the day off, we headed toward our scheduled coffee stop — Everyman Espresso — and everything was going great … until

Surviving New York: Day Three

Hello, reader — Matthew here! It’s my turn to guide you through our day, so hang with me for a bit, and I promise I’ll do my best! I’m writing to you while sitting perched a very large rock in the middle of Central Park while nibbling on some honey roasted almonds that I purchased

Surviving New York: Day One

Well, hello there! There are only a couple of ways you would have landed on this page: You’ve been following our latest blog posts, awaiting every post with bated breath, just dying to know what hijinks those crazy Pearons are up to now. If this is the case, thank you for following along — hopefully

Surviving Boston: Day Six

Hello everyone! Matthew here, checking for the last time in Boston.I’ll warn you, this will be an odd entry — and likely a short one — because we’ll be traveling again! We’re about to start the second portion of our trip: New York 2021. Now, I’ll get down to the specifics of the trip. The

Surviving Boston: Day Four

Good morning! This is Matthew, and I’ll be your tour guide today. I’m going to try to write this entry as we go along today versus trying to remember every detail tonight. We might sacrifice a bit of coherence this way, but hopefully the addition of in-the-moment details counters that. The Day’s Events Coffee, of

Surviving Boston: Day Two

Matthew here, checking in from Boston!I’m writing this segment of the blog from the back room of Caffe Vittoria whilst sipping a cortado and nibbling phenomenally delicate tiramisu. All the while, I’m being serenaded by Frank Sinatra and listening to the chatter of the city echoing through the cafe. Let me tell you — it’s

Surviving Austin: Day Five

Hello! Matthew here, checking in from ATX. Today’s itinterary was probably the loosest one we’ve ever had. We only had three events actually planned and actually only did two of them. For the rest, we threw schedules, timetables and all other scheduling to the wind … and by “the wind,” I mean “other people”. Basically,

Surviving Austin: Day Three

Hello there! Matthew here, to report on all the third day in Austin brought us.The logical first part of this entry is going to be breakfast, so I’ll start there. Did you know that heaven actually exists inside a food truck? I can honestly say I had absolutely no idea until this morning.I’m about to

Surviving Austin: Day One

Hey there! Welcome to yet another adventure with the Pearons!Sit down, relax and prepare yourself for what we can only imagine will consist of tumbleweeds and cowboy hats, because we’re headed to Austin, Texas. Matthew here! I’ll be your guide for Day One of Surviving Austin … so don your Stetson and strap on your

Surviving Indianapolis: Day Two

Hello there! This is Matthew, checking in from Indianapolis. If you followed along with Valeri’s post from yesterday, you’ll remember that we did a lot of driving followed by a lot of walking with a bit of eating in between.  Today is a bit different. As is our standard procedure for these trips, the first

Surviving Chicago: Day Nine

Hello! Matthew here, checking on our last official day of vacation. The day started … wait for it … ON TIME! Yes, we finally woke up on time. On the very last day, we figured out how to not be bad at vacation. Typical.Anyway, we woke up on time to put the finishing touches on

Surviving Chicago: Day Five

Hello, and welcome to the fifth entry of Surviving Chicago! This is Matthew, checking in from Chicago. Well, we got up late again. It was by about 30 minutes — which seems to be the magic number of tardiness for this trip. If you’ve been following along with our previous entries, you’ll remember that this

Surviving Chicago: Day Three

Hello! This is Matthew checking in from the bustling metropolis that is Chicago. Welcome to Day Three. Today has been full … of rain drops. Thankfully, we aren’t talking deluge-level rain — more of a constant light mist, occasionally tipping into a bit more. You know the medium-low setting on your stove? Kind of like

Surviving Chicago: Day One

Welcome to another adventure with the Pearons!
 Matthew here, and I’ll be your guide for Day One. If you’ve followed along with us before, you know the drill. If you’re new here, I’ll give you a quick rundown. We love to travel — be it across the country or across the globe, we’re ready to

Surviving New Orleans: Day Five

Good afternoon! Matthew here, checking in from Downtown New Orleans. Today’s blog is a little different, since I’m writing it significantly earlier than normal. I try my hardest to squeeze the very last bit of useful time out of each and every day — even if that means sitting down to write the blog nigh

Surviving New Orleans: Day Three

Rest easy New Orleans — the Pearons have arrived. Matthew here, reporting from the Big Easy. Today was a mix of several different types of activities: more roadtripping, bridges, beaches, seashells with unexpected animals in them, blues festivals, moments where I wanted to hit people/things with the rental car and/or my fists, and food …

Surviving New Orleans: Day One

Good evening, readers! Matthew here. I would like to start by welcoming you to another adventure with your favorite virtual travel companions, the Pearons. This year, our adventure is leading us to the southern half of the United States, to a place of many names. A few of the names we’ve run across: The Crescent