Surviving New York: Day Nine

Hello, reader! Matthew here! Welcome to our last full day in New York. I’ll guide you through what we did today.

The Day’s Events

Our coffee today was provided by the baristas at Black Press Coffee. This wasn’t our planned stop, but due to potential timing issues, we decided to abandon our originally planned coffee shop and find one nearer to our second destination. The coffee was good, the venue was neat and the baristas were pleasant! All-in-all, it was a good choice.

We then headed to the Museum of Natural History. If I’m honest, I was a bit disappointed in this.
There were a few contributing factors, the lead of which was that there were far too many people (specifically noisy children) to deal with. I spent more time dodging these people than actually enjoying the exhibits. It was to the point that I didn’t personally take a single photo inside the building … and I take a lot of photos when in vacation mode (and especially in a museum). Here is all we ended up with:

My disappointment might also have been due to the fact it just wasn’t what I was expecting as this is touted to be one of the best museums in the United States. It’s a shame, because there is so much information packed into the rooms of this massive building — and we probably didn’t give it enough time, but we had to move on to stay on schedule.

We needed to eat something, so it was off to another staple of New York: Russ and Daughters Café on Orchard Street.
I ordered a Classic Lox Sandwich on an Everything Bagel, and Valeri opted for a Plain Bagel with cream cheese. Unfortunately, the only way to order cream cheese was by the 1/2 pound … so, we had a bit leftover. Not as much as you would think, though — Valeri likes cream cheese.

I had a Lox Sandwich in Boston, and I actually preferred that one to this one. The salmon was maybe not smoked enough, and the bagel was very chewy and a bit tough.

After food, we headed to 34th Street to do even more window shopping. We ended up back at Saks Fifth Avenue again — partly because there was stuff to look at, but mostly because it was air conditioned! According to my phone, the temperature was only 77 degrees, but at this time of day, there was very little to prevent the sun’s heat from blasting us from above and baking us from below via the concrete sidewalks’ radiant heat.
The next stop was meant to be for food (pizza, specifically), but neither of us were really that hungry following our bagel lunches, so we decided to push that off to see if we were hungry later.

After walking around Sak’s for as long as we could stand it, something dawned on me that I didn’t think would ever be possible:
I was bored in New York City.

One of the busiest cities on the face of the planet, and I didn’t know what to do. Isn’t that ridiculous?
I’m going to blame it on the heat and maybe even the fact this has been such a long trip. We’ve walked more than 10 miles each day and stuck to a pretty rigid schedule … and I think that wears on you a bit, maybe. It’s also possible that I’m turning into a curmudgeon in my older years.
Nah, we’re going with the heat.

To help cool things off, we swung by Dipping Dots — always a good move. We enjoyed the sweet treat while sitting in the park watching dogs frolic about, chasing balls, other dogs — and even their tails.

After we finished the dairy dessert, we headed to an event that Valeri was excited about: The FRIENDS Experience.
I’m sure you can figure out what this was all about by the title, but if not, here’s a few hints in photograph form:

This was really a pretty neat deal. There were a lot of insights into how things were designed and filmed, several set recreations and quite a few photo opportunities. At the end, there was a fully functional coffee shop nestled into the Central Perk set you see above. We, of course, partook in the cafe goodness.

For to the last event of the day: another comedy show!
This one was hosted at a tiny little venue in Bushwick called The Tiny Cupboard. There were probably 10 or so comedians that hit the stage, made us laugh then handed off to the next comedian so we could laugh again. The MC was almost as funny as the comedians themselves — which is not saying anything negative about the the acts — it was just really well orchestrated for such a tiny place. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire set.

Now we’re headed back to the Airbnb to prepare for the day ahead. For better or for worse, we’ll be boarding a plane and heading back toward Missouri. That’s all I have for tonight’s adventures, so I’ll leave you good people in peace. Check in tomorrow for our last entry. :)

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“If you want to become a real New Yorker, there’s only one rule: You have to believe New York is, has been, and always will be the greatest city on earth. The center of the universe.”
Ellen R. Shaprio

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