Surviving New York: Day Six

Valeri here to tell you all about today.

First stop
Can you guess what our first stop was this morning?
If you guessed coffee, thank you for recognizing that as our brand, but actually it was not our first stop. *GASP*
We actually stopped at a Bond location from “Live and Let Die.” It took us a bit to find it because it’s obviously a different store, so the outside is different, but the main structure is the same.

Finally, coffee
We journeyed this morning to The Coffee Project. It was a tiny little spot in the East Village.
This little spot could only fit two tiny tables inside. Their coffee was good and their pastries were delicious. I would go there every morning for a Belgian waffle if I didn’t live a thousand miles away.

Park Time
With coffee in hand, we headed to our park of the day: Bryant’s Park.
This place is BUSY.
I’m sitting here just listening to all the sounds while writing, and it’s not necessarily too overwhelming for me, but it’s A LOT.
I think I sat here writing postcards for a good hour before we decided to move on, but I could’ve stayed in that area all day.

Tourist-y moment of the day
We wanted to check out Rockefeller Center.
We weren’t interested really in going up to the top (we’ve already had a couple spots with full city views), but we wanted to see a little bit of the inside.
We found mainly food and a little shopping, but my favorite was Christie’s … because they had art. So I spent the next 30-40 minutes looking at paintings and artifacts. I could do that all day, too.

Num, num
We surprisingly weren’t starving by this point in the day, even though it was after 1 p.m., but I was snacky. So we decided to go to our lunch spot: Num Pang.
I really enjoyed the flavors from this place. Everything had big flavors, which we know makes Matthew a very happy person.
So we walked away with our taste buds satisfied and our tummies full.

9/11 Memorial
We had this on the itinerary, but it’s not necessarily something I cared to visit. Not because I didn’t want to pay respects, of course, but rather because of something I read recently.
While reading stories one night at work during the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, I read a story that included interviews from New Yorkers about 9/11 and the memorial.
One New Yorker said people who live here see the memorial as a grave site, while tourists see it as a selfie spot. And that made me very sad and made me feel like it was more for the families than for NYC visitors.
Obviously, I know it’s for our nation, but that interview hit me a certain way, and as we walked past one of the memorials, you could see people taking selfies and videos by it … and it was an uneasy feeling.
I will say that the memorials are beautifully done, and I love that they put a flower on someone’s name when it’s their birthday. And throughout you could see other flowers laid on names, probably by family members.

Come From Away
Matthew says this one beat Hamilton for him. And I’m still trying to find the words to describe how much I enjoyed it.
The story was about the thousands of people whose planes were grounded in New Foundland the day 9/11 happened. The communities around the airport banded together to give the travelers food, shelter and to help keep their spirits up.
Not only was the storyline and dialogues perfect, but so was the music. The band was positioned on the stage, and after the cast took their bows at the end of the play, the band came out from the shadows of the stage to play a finale song. Their version of “taking a bow” was to each have a solo, and the entire time, the crowd was on their feet, clapping in beat with the music.

Prince Street Pizza
As you may have noticed, we skipped dinner earlier because we were still full from Num Pang. So after the theater, we found the spot that we’d originally planned for dinner: Prince Street Pizza.
This is probably the best pizza we’ve had yet on this trip. It was a perfect ending to the day.

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“If you want to become a real New Yorker, there’s only one rule: You have to believe New York is, has been, and always will be the greatest city on earth. The center of the universe.”
Ellen R. Shaprio

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