Surviving New York: Day Four

This is Valeri, reporting in to tell you that Day Four was a success despite the rain and wind today had to offer.

Coffee, coffee, coffee
Our morning began with a train ride to Plowshares Coffee. We’re definitely at the point in the trip where our bodies are reminding us that we’re not invincible, so we’re starting to catch the Subway as much as we possibly can.
This coffee spot was good, and we got some pastries to go so we could walk through Central Park as we had our breakfast.

Central Park
We’ve been to Central Park a couple times now, and I’m pretty sure it would take at least three days of walking to see all of it. It’s huge!
And even better, you can’t go a couple feet without seeing a puppy … so … you guessed it … Matthew was a smiling mess.
And the trees are starting to change, so there was a mix of green with some yellows and oranges. We definitely chose the perfect time of year to visit.

Art … there’s never enough art …
Unless you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). There couldn’t possibly be a way for someone to get through this gorgeous museum and still have time left in their day for anything else.
Once again, I was pulled in by the Egypt exhibit … so many artifacts. I’m always mesmerized by Egypt and its history.
Once I saw all I could, I moved on to modern and conservative art.
There was were SO many paintings. At one point, each room was filled with so many little pieces that I would just walk into a room, stand still and look around; whichever piece caught my eye the most, I walked to that one and took it in.
It was the only way I could take in an art piece fully without feeling rushed along to all the others in the room.
I think we covered about 30 percent of the MET before we needed to go eat.

You know something we can never pass up?
It’s something I’m always in the mood for … and I don’t have it nearly as much as I’d like.
So I knew we needed to find some while in the city … and we found a delicious spot: Mamoun Falafel.
Matthew chose the Sullivan Sandwich and I chose a Classic.
We were in heaven for 30 minutes as we ate practically in silence and enjoyed every bit of our food, which is when you know you’ve found a good spot.

After Falafels, we did what any other iPhone-owning yuppie does … we found a local Apple Store. And thankfully we looked at our phones while there because we needed to charge and we’d forgotten our charging cables today.
*face palm*

Chelsea Market
After our phones were charged to some decent percentages, we headed out to explore more.
I don’t know why we do this to ourselves (Matthew) … but we always go to markets where there’s lots of food and it’s delicious, and I think there’s only ever been one time when we actually ate dinner while at the market.

You know something that’s inevitable for The Pearons? Cloud coverage when we’ve planned to see the city from the highest building.
I think Seattle was the only city where we lucked out and had a clear night from the Space Needle. But ever since then, the clouds like to show up at the least opportune time.
The Edge was one of these moments today. This was suppose to be an amazing view of the city … as far as your eyes could see. But after just a few minutes, we just saw clouds; we were literally in the clouds.

Yes, we’re tourists …
We completely spaced that we were suppose to go to Times Square last night, so we made sure to add it to tonight’s plans.
As I’m sure anyone can guess, it didn’t disappoint.
To me, tourist attractions always seem like they’ll disappoint … before arriving, I’m usually just meh about seeing the traditional tourist sites and am more interested in the quirky things a city has to offer. But then I get to the touristy attractions and am in awe of them.
So Times Square hit that way … it’s an overload on the senses and you’re taken aback a bit by its massiveness. It’s definitely a site to see.

For dinner we made our way to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. It’s a chain, which is against the rules for vacation, but sometimes we make exceptions. And this was a good exception. Matthew is always looking for chicken shops to see if they stack up against Chick-fil-A, and so far, no other chicken shop as surpassed it.
Maybe it’ll always be Chick-fil-A for him, and I’m pretty sure he’s okay with that.

And ending the day with chicken is perfect.
I hope you join us tomorrow for some shenanigans that you’ll be hearing from Matthew again.

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“If you want to become a real New Yorker, there’s only one rule: You have to believe New York is, has been, and always will be the greatest city on earth. The center of the universe.”
— Ellen R. Shaprio

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