Surviving New York: Day Two

Valeri here to tell you about our first full day in New York! And I’ll let you know right now that just one day in NYC and we’ve beaten our record for most miles walked in a day: 16.59.
In London, we had 15 miles in a day that set the record for us.
We’ll see if 16.59 stays as the one to beat.

SEY Coffee
I looooved the walk here this morning. So much art and nothing beats a good morning walk.
After a few missed turns due to being in awe of a new city, we finally found SEY.
There was a moment on our walk that we found a cute, tiny coffee shop, and almost just stopped in at that one … but then we would’ve missed out on this …

SEY’s coffee was good, and their pastries were *insert drooling emoji*
But I still can’t get past the interior.
Also, they had a rule of no laptops … which kept the environment to music and conversation …and obviously people were on their phones, but it remained a work-free space.

Central Library
For those who may have been around during our early days of blogging our Seattle trip, do you remember when I almost killed Matthew by making him walk up the hill to Kerry’s Park?
Well, today was a similar case, but instead of it being a big hill, it was a long trek in the “heat” as we made our way to Central Library.
But it was worth it when we saw this entrance:

The inside wasn’t as jaw dropping, but I love walking around a quiet library … finding the little reading nooks. It always makes me miss studying in the college library, and for a second I wish I were back in school.

Di Fara Pizza
You can’t go to NYC without getting pizza; and we’re eating it a few times while in this city. Our first experience was Di Fara, which was just a walk up and we got a few slices. I went for regular and Matthew did a couple square slices.
Matthew learned fast that one slice of Di Fara’s square pieces are more than enough.

Brooklyn Museum
We’re based in Brooklyn, so seeing the Brooklyn Museum is a must. It was much bigger than I expected, and that alone made me happy.
The art ranged from abstract to realism to pottery to cubism.

I love when a museum can bring together so many different styles, but still keep everything cohesive.
My favorite piece:

Domino Park & Brooklyn Bridge
We are park people.
I always enjoy finding green spaces in big cities. Makes me feel like I have a mix of two worlds. And this park included another element … the water. And this view was just minutes before we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade. We arrived just a little before sunset, but we decided to head to dinner rather than wait for the sunset photos. The view without a sunset was glorious … I can only imagine what it’s like WITH a sunset.

Food trucks are Matthew’s weakness … so we were really looking forward to this. But turns out the Lil Zeus Food Truck wasn’t anywhere to be found. So we found a local Italian place and had some pasta.
I had the fettuccine alfredo and Matthew had some spaghetti and meatballs … while wearing a white shirt.
Now history has shown that Matthew eating while wearing a white shirt never turns out good … the amount of Tide pens we’ve been through is amazing.
BUT he has surprised us all and only got one little dot on his shirt. It’s a miracle.

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“If you want to become a real New Yorker, there’s only one rule: You have to believe New York is, has been, and always will be the greatest city on earth. The center of the universe.”
Ellen R. Shaprio

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