Surviving New York: Day One

Well, hello there!

There are only a couple of ways you would have landed on this page:

  1. You’ve been following our latest blog posts, awaiting every post with bated breath, just dying to know what hijinks those crazy Pearons are up to now.
    If this is the case, thank you for following along — hopefully this section of our trip will be entertaining for you!
  2. You clicked the wrong link somewhere and now you’re lost.
    It’s okay … we probably are too. New York is a BIG city, and we have no clue how to read a map. Since you’re already here, why don’t you just read along to see how we fared?

Anyway — on to business.

This is your host, Matthew — and in my previous post, I mentioned we’re onboard a train from Boston, inbound for New York.
Well, we made it! We wheeled our luggage off the Amtrak train (route 173, if you’re curious) and onto the platform at Pennsylvania Station’s Moynihan Train Hall.
Is it just me, or does luggage get heavier as you go along on a trip? I swear these things weigh 20 more pounds than they did when we left for Boston.

So began our first battle: MetroCards.
Evidently there are at least two distinct transit systems that operate out of Penn Station, and I was trying really hard to get tickets for one system out of a terminal for the other.

New York: 1
The Pearons: 0

Luckily there was a policeman nearby who was able to guide me to a very different terminal in a very different part of the station. We’ll be having that point back, New York.

With the tickets sorted, we made our way to the M, then the G, then maybe some other letters of the alphabet that I can’t remember — all I know is that thanks to our best buddy, Siri, we made it to our Airbnb.

Let the second battle commence: 4 flights of stairs.
We only had two things on the agenda today: food and a film. Since it took me approximately 10.5 years to get our bags up the aforementioned stairs (I needed to take a bit of a breather), we ended up having to consolidate — so we skipped our planned meal stop at Vanessa’s Dumpling House and opted to eat junk food at the cinema. It’s vacation and we do what we want.

I should mention that this cinema was something special. It was a Drive-In.
If I’m honest, I thought these had gone extinct. I’ve seen the carcass of one of them rotting away on the outskirts of St. Louis, but as far as I can remember, that is as close as I’ve ever gotten to one. So, basically we sat outside and watched a film on a big screen with a speaker in front of us … but I kept running into a problem. The picture would go a bit fuzzy, then kind of just disappear … and the audio would kind of fade into nothingness, replaced by the sounds of the city in the distance. I finally found out why this kept happening: the backdrop.

So many times, I would find myself distracted by the skyline only to be snapped back into the action by a flash on-screen or a loud noise from the speakers. The film was “The Bourne Identity,” by the way — not that I really paid much attention.

By the time the film’s credits started to roll, we started to notice the wind.
Since we were right on the water’s edge, it was a decently brisk wind at that. With nothing to impede its flow and no terrestrial radiation to provide any heat, it induced the occasional involuntary shiver.
The walk back toward the station either warmed our bodies or the tall building blocked the bone-chilling wind. Either way, it was pleasant, but I still wasn’t upset about the 10° bump when we stepped into the G Line Station.

I have a few more photos I wanted to include, but they didn’t really suit any of the sections, so I’m just going to dump them in your lap and let you sort them out.

So the first half a day in New York is complete!
There wasn’t much to it, but it was exciting. Tune in tomorrow for Valeri’s recap on Day Two of our New York adventure!

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“If you want to become a real New Yorker, there’s only one rule: You have to believe New York is, has been, and always will be the greatest city on earth. The center of the universe.”
Ellen R. Shaprio

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