Surviving Boston: Day Six

Hello everyone! Matthew here, checking for the last time in Boston.
I’ll warn you, this will be an odd entry — and likely a short one — because we’ll be traveling again! We’re about to start the second portion of our trip: New York 2021. Now, I’ll get down to the specifics of the trip.

The Day’s Activities

Generally, our first event of the day begins with a “C” and ends with a resounding “offee.”
If you need another hint, you probably need some of the very thing I’m referencing.
This morning (and actually a bit of last night) was spent packing up our Bostonian lives into four hard-sided containers with fiddly little wheels, pushing and pulling them down bumpy sidewalks, across busy streets, weaving in and out of other pedestrians. It might seem like not a big deal, but this all adds up to my least favorite part of a trip … and the worst thing is that we have to do it again, but on bumpier sidewalks, on busier streets and with more pedestrians.

I’m whining (I tend to be good at that), but there is good that comes of all of this: COFFEE.
This morning, the kind people at The Well House on Washington Street acted as the sustenance delivery mechanism, with a flat white, a poppy seed muffin, a vanilla latte and a cinnamon twist being the conduit/payload.

After relaxing for a bit and psyching ourselves up for the next trek to Boston South Station, we set off, bags in tow.
Boarding was simple enough — we watched a big board with letters and numbers, listened to people over the tannoy, then climbed on board a train where we now sit, relaxing while we are shuttled to New York’s Pennsylvania Station. Our luggage is safely secured in the train car adjacent to ours — now the trick will be remembering to pick it up when we disembark!

So, we survived Boston — and so did you! Our next trick will be making it through 10 days in another bustling metropolis.
Brace yourself, New York — the Pearons are inbound.

Note: If you’re wanting to keep up with the New York leg of our trip, check back later on – we’ll be switching to the Surviving New York stream tonight.

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“Boston is the one place in America where wealth and the knowledge of how to use it are apt to coincide.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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