Surviving Boston: Day Five

Hello again, Valeri here and I’ll be telling you about our adventures today.

First stop!
You guessed it: Coffee!
We had planned to go to George Howell Coffee, but found out the only way to get out there was via a commuter train … which would’ve meant buying tickets rather than just using our metro cards. So for the second day in a row, we went off script for breakfast … which is okay because we ended up finding some delicious breakfast bagels!
Render Coffee was actually a coffee spot we found on our first day here as we wandered the neighborhood.
Matthew got a Full Lox on a bagel and I got eggs, potatoes and cheese on a bagel.

Can I go without art? No.
We’re finally getting some art in with a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. This one had caught my attention with the Egypt exhibit, BUT then I found “Papered Stories, Layered Dreams,” and I now want to live in that room.
Ekua Holmes used vibrant collages of paper to illustrate her vision and commitment to represent the Black community.
This room was magnificent! I think I took a photo of every piece in that room, but I’ll just show a few here.:)

Food? We love food!
We weren’t too hungry at lunch time due to the filling breakfast we had, but we didn’t want to miss out on Emmett’s Pub. Matthew had found bangers & mash on their menu during our planning process, so missing that wasn’t an option.
Sadly though when we got there, they weren’t serving bangers & mash. Although that was a letdown, their food definitely wasn’t. I got a spicy chicken panini and Matthew enjoyed a bowl of onion soup (and then finished off my panini).
It was something small to hold us over until later tonight.

Yes, we went to a bookshop. No, I did not get lost while in a haze of book euphoria.
But I did spend an unnecessary amount of time upstairs in the rare books section (thank you Matthew for finding this). In this section, there was a little box labeled “mini books.”
Guys, they were absolutely beautiful. I wanted them all so bad.

After the bookshop, we grabbed a few souvenirs and decided to travel back to the Airbnb to drop a few things off so we weren’t carrying them around.

*Note: This decision came back to bite us later when we needed our phones charged, and the battery was in my satchel.*
*face palm*

Who doesn’t love an aquarium?
We can’t seem to get enough of them. We try to visit on during each trip, and we’re rarely disappointed.
This one didn’t offer as much as most aquariums, but it was still a fun experience. This one had the penguins in the center of the main area, so you could see them from two or three floors. So we would see penguins, see some fish, see penguins, see some turtles, see penguins … you get the idea.
So between penguins and turtles, Matthew was a smiling mess.

And this is where we realized our mistake … our batteries were dying from all the photos and videos. And we don’t like both of our phones being out of operation … especially at night in a city we don’t know.
So we ventured out to grab the battery and cables, and then went to …

Now, I tried to convince Matthew to write this part because, well, he’s the diehard here. But he passed it off to me.
So I’m here to tell you about the movie, but really you won’t get much from me since I don’t want to give spoilers. I will say that, for me, the movie was good, but at times didn’t feel like a James Bond movie. And I can’t really put my finger on why, but if you’ve seen all the Bond films, then you might also feel it. On the other hand, if you haven’t seen them all, then it may just feel like a good movie to you.
I will tell you this much, Billie Eilish did an amazing job on this film’s theme song.
To me, I felt like this song had the emotions that fit the movie. I remember hearing the song when it first came out and the emotion it drew … and now seeing the movie, the emotion from the song is felt even more. And (for me) it felt like a Bond song … which hasn’t always been the case with previous movies.
I’m no movie critic … so my apologies if you were expecting spoilers. An easy fix: Just go see the movie.:)

Tomorrow is a travel day for us as we make our way to New York City. So check back for a write up from Matthew!

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“Boston is the one place in America where wealth and the knowledge of how to use it are apt to coincide.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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