Surviving Boston: Day Three

Hello, this is Valeri again, and I’ll be leading you through our third day in Boston. I know most of you miss Matthew, but just bear with me, and we’ll both get through this … then you can experience another Matthew post tomorrow.

My day began with a sketching session at 6 a.m. for Inktober. It’s hard waking up so early when getting to bed so late, but finishing a sketch in the morning is extremely satisfying and helps me move a bit smoother through my day.
Want to know something that does not help me move smoothly through my day? Rain. But not really just rain, because I could deal with that … no, today was rain, wind and the cold. And to add to it, the umbrellas were somewhat useless due to the wind.

*Note: For those who’ve been following this blog for awhile now, if you can tell me how many umbrellas we’ve lost on vacations since 2012, I’ll sneak you a few of Matthew’s Thin Mints when I get home.

So the beginning of our day resulted in a nice walk … in the rain … to get coffee. But the cold and rain was of course well worth it; not just for the coffee but also the warmth of Thinking Cup.
Something I’ve loved so far about Boston is its bustling nature 24/7. Not just during the weekday lunches or Saturday outings, but it was just as busy yesterday (a Sunday) as it was today. I don’t think I’ve seen a city so far that was this consistently busy … but I’m sure that viewpoint will change once we get to New York.

So with food and coffee in our bellies, we made our way to our first event of the day: the Boston Athenaeum.
We weren’t sure exactly what to think of this place other than that the inside was suppose to be beautiful and that it was filled with books … two things that pull me in without any second thoughts.
Between the Dante exhibit in remembrance of the 700-year anniversary of his death and the paintings and sculptures that filled the space, this place had a quiet reverence, as if you needed to pay homage to everything resting here … and that we did.
I sat and wrote pieces of this blog while glancing up between sentences to look at a painting two times taller than myself and filled with beautifully broad strokes.
I could’ve stayed here forever, but I was slowly pulled back into vacation mode by Matthew who made sure we stayed on time for our next stop … Faneuil Hall.

Well, it looks like Faneuil Hall will have to be moved to a different day since it was closed. But that’s okay because we took advantage of Quincy, South and North markets being open!
And I’m glad breakfast filled us up or else I’m pretty sure we would have walked out of Quincy Market a few pounds heavier.
We did get some smoothies though to keep us company on our wanderings around town until our next stop.

We eventually landed at our lunch spot: Taco Loco.
And we were STILL somewhat full from breakfast, so instead of getting what we’d originally planned, we just ordered a couple street tacos because we definitely didn’t want to miss out on this place.
I think these are the only tacos on this trip … which, if you know me, this is very much against everything I believe in. So I’m glad we at least made sure to stop in, even if just for a tiny bit.

After lunch, we made out way to the Boston Tea Party Ships. We generally stay away from tourist traps, but this one seemed like something that would be cool since we’d get to board one of the ships. This tour quickly reminded me of why I don’t like going on group tours … people tend to be … what’s the word … oh yes, annoying.
Also, the tour told us a lot of what we could have just looked up ourselves, which I always realize after tours like that.
BUT the tour guides were funny every once in awhile, so that kept us interested enough.

And now I sit in a tea/coffee house in Chinatown while I write this blog and we wait for dinner. Matthew is drinking some boba while I have some tea, and we’re both trying to dry off and defrost from the cold rain outside.

Dinner tonight will be at Gourmet Dumplings, which we’re very excited about. I think this trip accounts for the most dumplings we’ll have ever eaten on a trip. We eat them at least once every other day.
I’m not complaining … eating dumplings almost every day is the life.

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“Boston is the one place in America where wealth and the knowledge of how to use it are apt to coincide.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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