Surviving Boston: Day One

The Pearons are off on another adventure! This time, we’ve headed North East to the home of baked beans, Fenway Park and that bar where everyone knows your name. Yes, we’re braving the wilds of Boston!
If you’ve followed along with our previous blogs, you’ll know how this works: We take turns chronicling the day’s events — be it something absolutely amazing or an embarrassing blunder, you, dear reader, will be able to read all about it.

Anyway, we’ll get right to it.
By the way, this is Matthew and I’ll get things started. I’ll warn you — it’s been a long day and these fingers are tired, so bear with me.

Getting There

Every vacation has a definite point in time where you decide that you have “arrived,” and vacation has officially begun. For some people, that is the moment they hit the “out” button on the top of a time clock, for others it is when they get to sleep in the morning after work. For me, it’s official when I liberate the last item from the the monster that is the luggage carousel — everything leading up to that point is just prep work for the fun times — it’s the necessary journey.

So, if we’re being technical, the journey for this trip actually began yesterday.
Around midday Friday, we headed to St. Louis to hang out with some dear friends that graciously allowed us to camp out in their home which is nearer to our departure airport (KSTL) than our house. I’ll say the Pearons are generally pretty good lodgers. For the most part, we’re well behaved — and generally undemanding. Sometimes my lovely wife gets a bit insistent on a prompt meal and I’ll get a little picky on where we get coffee in the morning, but for the most part, we’re decent guests.

That being said, I was a little pushy about the night’s entertainment.
As some of you know, I have a tradition of watching every film in the James Bond franchise prior to a new film releasing — that way, it’s all fresh in my mind when I sit down in the theater to see what sneaky stuff my favorite super sleuth is up to.
At the time of writing, the 25th film, “No Time To Die,” is just about to be released — so of course, my Blu-ray player is getting a workout.
“What in the world does this have to do with Boston?” you might be asking.
You might even be thinking, “Why is he prattling on about James Bond … again?”
Well, reader, I’ll tell you! I’M GOING TO BE WATCHING “NO TIME TO DIE” IN BOSTON!

If you’re not excited about that, just close your browser session now, because you’re no longer invited to join us for this trip.
I digress. My point was that I made everyone watch “Spectre,” since we wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch it whilst in Boston.
After a night filled with all things Bond, we headed off to an early bedtime, because we had to be at the airport by 06:39 a.m. — which came all too soon.

The Flights

Easy peasy. We showed up, zipped through security, then waited … and waited … and waited. I will admit that the waiting was self-inflicted. We have severe anxiety about missing a flight, so we generally show up three hours before any flight — be it domestic or international. We just like to be early. We walked up and down the terminal, consumed food and people watched — then it was boarding time!
We hopped aboard flight AA3267 — a Bombardier CRJ700 painted in American Airlines’ standard livery — and let the crew transport us from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois. From there, we hopped over a few gates to board flight AA4598 — an Embraer 175 — and were expertly delivered to Boston, Massachusetts.
Favorable weather conditions all around!

Now that you’re properly bored, I’m going to hand the controls over to everyone’s favorite redhead — take it away, Valeri!

Hello all, your favorite ginger here …

After we got into the city, we dropped our bags off at the Airbnb and found ourselves with quite a bit of time to waste before dinner, so we headed out for a walk in the neighborhood.
Does anyone else out there really enjoy feeling as if they’re living in the city they’re vacationing in? You might only be there for two days, but during those two days you want it to feel like you’re actually living there. I love this.
So in order to really feel like you’re a part of the neighborhood, you get to know it a bit … and that’s exactly what we did.
We set out on a little walk and found some beautiful garden spaces, a cute little hold-in-the-wall coffee shop and even came across a few dogs (which we all know means Matthew was in heaven).
By the time we needed to head to dinner, we’d fallen in love with this little neighborhood, and we’d decided Boston just feels like a lot of tiny towns in one major metropolis.

And what do metropolitan areas have?

That’s right, an array of good food. And on that note, we’d set our eyes on a major staple in Boston: Kelly’s Roast Beef.
Now, we all know Matthew ordered what you’re “suppose” to order, and I ordered something a bit “safer” like a Turkey Club.
But you know, sometimes the safer route ends up being the more delicious option. My Turkey Club was exactly what I needed after a day of only vanilla scones and airplane graham crackers.
But in his book, Matthew’s Roast Beef didn’t hold up to the hype.

And this, my friends, is why we don’t make fun of that safer route. ;)

And now I’ll tag Matthew back in for a look at a surprisingly good evening of comedy.

Matthew here — apologies to those who thought they had escaped my ramblings. I’m just going to very quickly touch base on our last event of the day — I won’t keep you long.
I’m a big fan of comedy. In television series, films, plays, whatever … I like a good laugh. So naturally, I tend to like the idea of seeing a comedy act, and so I found one in Boston. Going in, we had absolutely no idea what to expect; we had only been to one comedy show before (and it wasn’t all that great — kind of an “open mic” deal), but this one surpassed anything we could have hoped for.
The sketches were entirely improvised (based on prompts provided by the audience) and some ended up being pretty wild, so it made sense that the venue was called ImprovAsylum. I can’t express how much fun this ended up being. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at something that wasn’t related to Valeri falling over (after I helped her up, of course).

So, the day was a success. We departed, arrived, ate food and indulged in a bit of fun … and we get to do it all over again tomorrow!
Tomorrow I’ll be running the blog solo, so take your vitamins and get a good night’s rest — you’ll need all the energy you can muster to follow along!

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“Boston is the one place in America where wealth and the knowledge of how to use it are apt to coincide.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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