Surviving Austin: Day Four

Valeri here …

Something I always seem to forget is how late we tend to stay up when hanging out with Ricky. We’ve been known to part ways at 1 a.m. … especially when Matthew and Ricky are in the middle of their “geek time.”
This time, it wasn’t quite that late, but it was after midnight before we said our goodnights and at that point, Matthew had yet to really start writing his blog post.
All that to say, we didn’t go to bed until nearly 3 a.m.

… which means sleeping in much later than planned.
Le sigh.

I will say, if there was any day on a trip for us to push our plans by a couple hours, then it was today. The morning was suppose to be more of a lazy coffee and a walk kind of morning before meeting up with Ricky and Ely in the afternoon.
So our late start began at Mozart’s for coffee and continued onto Red Bud Isle for a nice stroll and pretty views … oh and (to Matthew’s delight) plenty of dogs.

I would share a video of Matthew having to fish his sunglasses and part of a GoPro stand out of Lady Bird Lake, but I’m already in hot water for sharing it with Ricky and Ely … so I’m going to hold back on publishing it for all of the interwebs to see.

After Red Bud, we hopped in the car and explored Austin.
I’ve always been told that if you want to get to know a city, then you should get lost and try to find your way back home. So we put away the GPS and just drove for a bit before meeting up with our friends. We surprisingly didn’t get that lost and eventually came across the typical tourist photo op.

Embracing our roll as tourists, we spent our night following Ricky and Ely around the city as they presented us with art, coffee shops, a failed attempt at tricking Matthew into seeing the bats, and delicious foods.

Let’s start first with the art …
Another day, another art museum and more moments of Matthew asking, “What is this crap?”
Yesterday’s comments were nothing compared to today. … I think there was maybe one art piece he found just the tiniest bit of appreciation for.
I’ve just come to accept Matthew as he is … as long as his comments aren’t loud enough for other people to hear. Really, I just accept it as payback for the ridiculous comments I make in Aston Martin showrooms.

I now present to you a series I like to call “Matthew and Ricky Art Interactions”

A couple of stops for drinks and murals eventually led us to a bridge for a bat show … that never came … after an hour and a half of waiting.
We (minus Matthew) were all looking forward to this, but we also had dinner reservations at 8 p.m. The bats didn’t get the memo, so we had to miss out on seeing them tonight.
Hopefully we can catch a glimpse of them tomorrow though.

However, leaving the bats to go to dinner was one of the best decisions we’ve made on this trip so far. We agreed Ramen Tatsu-ya has been our favorite food stop in Austin. Also, something worth noting … I out ordered Matthew. That NEVER happens.

There are just certain meals you dream about for years to come. For me so far it’s:
— BiBimBap and Salt Beef Bagels in London
— Fish and Chips in San Francisco
— Dumplings in Chicago’s Chinatown
— Chicken and Cole Slaw Tacos in North Carolina
And now Ramen in Austin.

It was an early end to our evening but also a perfect cap on the day.
Join Matthew tomorrow as he recaps our last full day in Austin!

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“There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.”
Willie Nelson

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  1. We would all very much love to see this video of Matthew fish his sunglasses and gopro from the Lake!!

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