Surviving Indianapolis: Day Three

Hello, Val here.
Every good morning starts out with coffee, especially when you live with a Matthew. What makes the experience even better is when you find a quirky little shop in an old brick building that looks like it used to be a garage.
Although this place didn’t offer decaf and the guy suggested a golden milk latte (a frothed milk beverage containing turmeric, honey and cinnamon) instead, I easily forgave him because of the atmosphere.
I enjoyed sitting back and writing a few postcards. It was my favorite coffee find on this trip.
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After coffee, we wandered the city. … Mainly Mass Avenue toward downtown, which provides many chances to take in art and a small park where we found Abe.:)
After we arrived in downtown, we made our way to the Indiana State Library and it didn’t disappoint.
I try not to have an expectationS when visiting libraries on our adventures. I just enjoy how different they all look. We’ve seen massive libraries (Britain, Seattle and Chicago) and a much smaller one in New Orleans, and I love that they each have their own personalities.
IMG_0440  IMG_2408
We also came across the Capitol again today, but this time we ended up behind it … which wasn’t even on our radar. It was definitely worth seeing though.
Walking around for 4-5 hours makes the Pearons very hungry, which brings us to our next lunch spot: Mimi’s Blue Meatballs.
This place had nothing but meatball-centered plates. I was excited for Matthew to experience this place, but I was a little nervous since I’m a little “basic” when it comes to food. I know, you’re all shocked.
I was nervous because meatballs have never really been something I enjoyed until recently when we found a recipe that had everything I like.
So I was excited for Matthew, but I was also wondering if they’d have something I liked.
Well, anyone who offers me a falafel meatball with tzatziki sauce and a side of Brussels sprouts gets an A+ in my book.
Our last bit of Indy was somewhat of a letdown. We saved Broad Ripple for this afternoon so we could wander around without freezing to death, but it turns out that Broad Ripple isn’t as big as we thought. It seems to be mostly food and bars. I was hoping for some quirky shops, but all we really came across was a CD and Vinyl shop, a dog treats shop and a place with some shirt options, but nothing to write home about.
I’m really hoping we didn’t miss out on the interesting blocks of the district, but a chance of that being the case it low since we wandered blocks away from the Main Street and still nothing.
It was a bummer to end the trip on that note, so we took a last drive through the center of downtown before heading home … which helped.
We’re currently driving through St. Louis on our way back to Jefferson City. There was a gorgeous sunset mixed with dust from the farmers in the fields … I could’ve enjoyed hours of that alone.
I’m pretty sure though that at any moment I’ll be having to convince Matthew that playing Toto’s “Africa” on repeat is not an acceptable “playlist” for a road trip.
Please pray for me.

Matthew here, tapping in for Valeri to wrap things up.
This trip went from the “fun idea” phase to the “we’re packed — let’s go!” phase very quickly. It was pretty close to four days, which is not very much time in our world. If you haven’t learned by now, spontaneity isn’t really our thing, but we’re not so rigid that we can’t adapt and have a good time, and that is what’s important.
Now, some of you might be thinking that all of the schedules and plans are a bit much, and your idea of a fun getaway might not be anywhere close to our’s … but you know, that’s okay. Vacation is for doing what makes you feel alive and in tune with what you love.
So just do it.

Indy is my home. It’s part of me; it’s in my DNA.
– Robert Mathis

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