Surviving Chicago: Day Nine

Hello! Matthew here, checking on our last official day of vacation.

The day started … wait for it … ON TIME! Yes, we finally woke up on time. On the very last day, we figured out how to not be bad at vacation. Typical.
Anyway, we woke up on time to put the finishing touches on our packing job and summon our Uber. Our driver whisked us away to Union Station where we (being the Chicago Experts that we are), navigated our way to Amtrak Gate D.

From here in, it’s pretty standard stuff: boarding, riding, connection, riding, snacking and more riding. We were accompanied by a group of very noisy Mennonites and another group of very vocal women on a Bachelorette Party. Both were reasons to be very glad to have our over-ear headphones.

That’s really all there was to the return trip β€” and I stretched it, even!
Now that we’ve finally made it home, we’re going to sit down and relax, and probably daydream about our time in Chicago. Such a great city and an equally great trip. If you get the chance, definitely make the journey.

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