Surviving the Outer Banks: Day Nine

Okay, this is going to be a short one for a couple reasons:

• We’ve been driving for 14 hours and have only stopped for fuel, restrooms, fast food and most importantly for taffy, which ended in me having to settle for gummy bears (what kind of convenience store doesn’t have taffy?).
• The only thing my mind is currently able to focus on is my head hitting my pillow in t-minus 120 minutes.

Also, I apologize in advance for how goofy/ridiculous this blog post may be … I blame it on being stuck in a car for what feels like years.
There are a few things of note though that happened during our trip back. The first is that we saw a trailer full of piglets. Matthew, being the person he is, spotted their snouts sticking out through the spaces in the trailer and made me hurry to take a photo. So you can thank him for the cuties in the photo below.

Jody’s text response: “Wilbur!”

Secondly, my constant ability to entertain embarrass Matthew with my singing and dance moves. However, he did compliment me once for knowing where the back beat was.

Yes, I point my fingers when I dance. Also, my favorite is the one where it looks like Matthew is giving the camera the “Jim Halpert look.”

We had a 150-mile battle with a fly. There were many grunts of aggravation from Matthew; I also tried baiting the fly toward the window with the smell of gummy bears.
I’m sorry, no, I don’t have a photo of the fly … he wasn’t worth the phone space.

Then we thought we saw a second fly appear when we were about 500 miles from home. It was 8.5 hours into the trip, so it may have been hallucinations.

And finally, we learned “Top 40” actually means “Top 5.”

At this point (St. Louis), we’re in the slap happy portion of the trip and it looks like I need to help Matthew with his driving-while-eating skills … they’re abysmal.

Matthew here, tapping in for Valeri to wrap things up.

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it — you’ve survived yet another adventure with the Pearons! Congratulations! We know, at times it can be rough, and at other times it’s smooth sailing…but through the ups and downs, the sharp corners and the breakdowns, you’ve stuck with us. We like to think you’re better for it!
Something we should bring to your attention, though…some of our readers have reported a weird side affect from reading our blog.
They all mentioned something about their sanity level or something.
Not sure what that is about, exactly…but whatever it is, we’re certain it’s a temporary condition.


Either way, this particular adventure is over! Throughout the last week, we road tripped, did the beach thing, got in little bitty boats and didn’t sink, flew through the air a couple of different times, visited the political and economic center of the United States, ate good food, and we kept great company. We’ve decided we will probably end up ticking the “success” box on this trip…unless this sunburn never fades.

Until next time…

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