Catch up time!

Yea, I know, it’s been what…about 8 months since this blog has been updated. Sorry, things have been a bit crazy during our first months of married life. By crazy I mean fun, of course, but loaded with work and crazy schedules.
So, I am here now to update you on life with the Pearons.:)
Lets see, I guess I’ll just start from close to where we left off.

We experienced our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together. For some of Thanksgiving we went to Matthew’s dad’s house, which gave me a chance to practice some baking skills. (I am not yet a chef.) I made mini pumpkin pies, which turned out quite well!

Pinterest project #1 for holidays complete.

Our Christmas time together was my favorite. I always enjoy that time of the year whether it be due to the music, decorations or pretty white stuff coming down outside…it’s always a fun time for me. Here’s a quick glimpse inside our home sweet home during that time of the year.

 I knew the battle of the trees was going to be something else in our home since I like to decorate with homemade ornaments and lots of multi-colored lights. Matthew on the other hand likes simple, white lights and matching ornaments (Dork).

Matthew’s Charlie Brown tree.
My tree — or as Matthew calls it, “Santa just threw up.”
Pinterest project #2 for holidays complete.

I also had fun with a new way to wrap presents this year, which I think I’ll do from here on out. It turned out great.:)

My second baking project, below, I think turned out pretty good too, but it was A LOT of work. I almost think it was TOO MUCH work, so I’m not sure if I’ll repeat it unless I’m really craving some coffee cake.

Pinterest project #3 for holidays complete.


My brother, Chris, is missing from this picture though. :(

Another part of the Christmas season included time spent with my family and Matthew’s family, which is always a great time. There are no words to explain how special Matthew and I feel to have these two families. They are a special group of people and we always look forward to spending time with them whether it be for the holidays, birthdays or just a quick visit.
We also traveled to Cameron, Mo. to have Christmas with the Maddox family, which is always chaos, but in a good way.:)

My nephew and niece (Cole and Katie) were in Honor Choir this past year and we were able to go to two of their concerts. One of the concerts was at Christmas time. Wonderful production! I like seeing them participate in things like this.

At the beginning of January we had the twins for the first time at our place. I always enjoy time with Cole and Katie, but boy do they wear you out! I took them ice skating, which they had never done before, then we baked cookies and decorated them.

 Something I find funny is that Matthew is still getting used to the “Uncle” part in front of his name. :)

Our next outing was for Valentine’s Day in February and for my birthday. We went to Ria’s in Jefferson City and then to Ragtag Cinema in Columbia (Valentine’s Day tradition). We saw Silver Linings Playbook this year, which as I’m sure you already know…it was excellent! Another tradition after the movie is to check out a coffee place around Columbia. We’re always looking for suggestions if you have any! We love little hole in the wall places.

We made a trip to St. Louis for Supercross in March. We went a couple years ago and I was hooked. So we decided to go up for a couple days and see the City Museum, along with the Science Center and the city in general.
We’re huge fans of KC and St. Louis trips, so this was like a mini vacation for us.:)

The 10-story slide at the City Museum was awesome!

While in St. Louis we ate at a restaurant called Rooster. It was SO good! It’s downtown and I recommend it for anyone. YUUUMMM!

As a lot of you know, my wonderful husband plays the guitar. Even though he will never say so, he is amazing at it. I like hearing him play around the house from time to time. Hoping some of his musicality rubs off on our kids someday because as he would tell you, I have none. I can’t even clap and sing at the same time…yea…I know, it’s sad.
Anyway, he serenaded me one night while I made dinner…something I will always love.

We visited the lake one Saturday to help my father-in-law celebrate his business being at its current location for 10 years. If you haven’t been there, make sure you visit Omega Coffee Company for some excellent coffee and great people! We make sure to stop in at least once a week.

In June we had another visit from Cole and Katie who were full of extra energy due to it being summertime. Haha. They were loads of fun, as usual.

Great slide!

This time we went to a pool that I didn’t even know existed in Jeff City with a HUGE water slide. Yes, I even went down it a couple times. :P

After our day with them we went to one of Katie’s softball games and then the next week to Cole’s Baseball game.
They definitely take after their Auntie Val when it comes to softball and baseball skills. Their parents may tell you differently though…believe who you want.:)
Either way though, they have developed a great talent at these two sports. I can’t wait to see how much they grow in these areas.

Cole did awesome at first base.

Katie played a few positions, here she is playing catcher.

Just a couple weeks ago Matthew experienced his first Brown Family Reunion in Cameron, Mo. I always enjoy time spent with this side of the family. I only get to see some of them once a year (if that), so I look forward to it.

Out on the pond in Cameron. You can see “The Farm” on the hill.

Rounding down to this past week we enjoyed time downtown and around the Capitol. It was humid and “ugh,” but I can’t really get enough of the outdoors.

OH! I almost forgot (shhhh — don’t tell Matthew)…We have made a tradition of Bond Night every week. The picture below was from this past Wednesday, which means we only have a few left. Not really sure what will happen after that, but it has become a fun tradition for us.

I know this was a really long post, but I wanted to update everyone who we do not get to see as often.

We have also had many visitors to our home sweet home such as our parents, siblings, Zachary & Lizzie, the Allens, Jones family and friends from work (sorry if I left anyone out). We love company, so don’t be afraid to stop by and say “Hi” if you’re in the area, just text us for an address!

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